The art of sculpture is versatile and allows a three dimensional approach using a vast diversity of materials.

Since 2000 I have been working with ceramics, "the magic of earth, water and fire" and work as a sculptor since 2005. My clay sculptures are elaborated to a high standard and are for sale or can be commissioned in bronze. I also carve stone, work with plaster and resin, create sculptures in mesh and up-cycle found objects. I like to incorporate organic matter in my work whenever I can. Nature and travel are my source of inspiration and photography, drawing as well as painting allow me to capture and explore life scenes, emotions and memories that I try to transform into sculptures.

Art takes you places

My Studio

I am one of seven artists in residence at Bayside Sculpture, in Highett. With many other studios around, the street offers a very creative vibe. I enjoy the encounter with other like-minded people and feel nurtured by the flow of creative energy, where artists exchange ideas and practical information on materials, work and techniques. I also have the privacy of my own studio to concentrate on my work.

Every September, we have our yearly exhibition and open studio to the public.

Where is it?